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3 Peach Roses delivered instead of Pink Roses John*** on 2022-2-10

Hi, This was the second time that I have used China Flower 214. While the first time went really well, this time around there was a mix up. I had specifically chosen 33 Pink Roses as this is sentimental and my girl friend really wanted pink roses for her birthday. Instead she ended up getting peach roses. I hope China Flower can rectify this issue. Note I appreciate the timely delivery and the quality.

3 Almost great Kevi*** on 2022-2-10

I paid a lot of money so I expected everything to be perfect. Roses were fresh and looked nice, but the babies breath flowers (or whatever they were) looked stale and not fresh. Packaging was nice, flower count had good meaning, delivery was fast, communication was good, but I expected the experience to be flawless for the price. I will try somewhere else next time, but not too bad.

4 Valentines flower delivery alle*** on 2022-2-10

Fast delivery and you can count on them when you need flowers

3 delivery was hard Sara*** on 2022-2-10

Thank you as always for your service, but delivery options need to be simply. if the customer cannot answer because of working but they leave instructions please follow as this is supposed to be a nice thing getting gifts. thank you,

5 Great service Marc*** on 2022-2-8

Did exactly what I wanted and they promised. Will use them again!! Thanks!!

5 flower delivery Dann*** on 2022-2-7

order and delivery was a piece of cake . placed the ordered and it was delivered withing a few hours. very impressed with their service. it was my first time using them and i was a little concerned . but everything turned out great. awesome service

5 I was please Alex*** on 2022-2-6

Thank you for everything you did great work

5 Fabulous service Mich*** on 2022-1-31

Absolutely amazing. Just three hours after ordering, my flower order was delivered. Can't expect netter service than that anywhere. I will certainly continue to order from china flower 214. Thanks for such great service

1 Beautiful Flowers Ugly Paper No Note Step*** on 2022-1-30

I paid extra for the deluxe packaging and got ugly brown grocery bag paper. And they forgot my thoughtful Birthday card. And they tried to deliver it to the wrong address. Very disappointing service.

5 Fast-Fresh-Fabulous Apic*** on 2022-1-30

Delivery was managed in no time. Order was placed on Sunday 23 Jan late night in Bangkok, and flower was already on the receiver's desk before noon of Monday 24 Jan in Shanghai. Information and communication play vital role in keeping the customer at peace through the process of his purchase. The service was fast; the flowers were fresh; and, the whole package was fabulous.

4 Timely delivery Dani*** on 2022-1-28

A bit worried since it was my first delivery with them. But everything went smoothly. Will purchase again. Only disappointed item was the cake. But overall very good experience. 👍🏻

5 Jia ye 佳业 陈*** on 2022-1-24

Good and fast service

4 Birthday cake & greeting Erwi*** on 2022-1-20

Very very delicious cake, delivered on time next time please include message and sender's name. Thank you Will definitely.come back

5 V. Simone review Vale*** on 2022-1-18

It's the second time I order through chinaflower214 and I am really satisfied by the service efficiency. The quality of the flowers as well as of the gift boxes was confirmed to be high. The recipient was extremely happy.

4 Nice flowers Chri*** on 2022-1-14

Both quantity and quality are good, happy with the service as well

5 Great Service Stev*** on 2022-1-14

Delivered within a few hours of me doing my online orded. Fabulous service. Highly recommend.

5 amazing service sue *** on 2022-1-10

this order was placed in the UK at short notice, and the flowers are beautiful. I also like that you choose the time of day to have them delivered

5 Excellent service as always Jay *** on 2022-1-9

Love this website, and very thankful, she loved the cake 🎂 we are both very happy.

5 Excellent Denn*** on 2022-1-8

Accurate delivery and easy to order

2 Meh Shar*** on 2022-1-7

some of the flowers were not so fresh and withered.

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