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5 Sender Pame*** on 10/20/2018

Beautiful job well done

5 Reliable, Good Communication Ken*** on 10/19/2018

I ordered flowers for my girl in Qingdao and couldn't be happier with the service. There was a mixup during the ordering process (she wasn't available to receive the package at the front desk) -- but the staff worked with me to make sure the flowers were received. I was apprehensive about ordering flowers over the internet but I can assure you that these guys are the real deal. Thanks!

5 Hassle-Free TD*** on 10/19/2018

I'm based in London and wanted to order flowers for someone in China. The ordering process was super easy, they kept me informed of the status of the order and the flowers were delivered very fast with no issues. Will definitely be using this company again!

5 Great Service Jose*** on 10/18/2018

Thank you for your support throughout. The receiver was delighted with the flower arrangement. I could not be happier when I saw tears of joy in her eyes. Thank you very much China Flowers

5 Very good service Sara*** on 10/18/2018

I am pleased with their services and professional attitude. Will order again.

5 Good work!! Alej*** on 10/17/2018

Thank you for delivering my presents on time. Best Regards, Alex

5 She happy Wils*** on 10/17/2018

Great my girl friends happy and say hand in in professional way. Big Thank You

5 Very Satisfied Tany*** on 10/10/2018

Thank you very much ChinaFlower214! I live in Mauritius and had to surprise a member of my family living in Shanghai China so I opted for your service and I shall say that I am really happy, flowers were great, cake is nice and you even thought of putting a knife,candles and so many other goodies. Thank you very much for the on time delivery too. I’ll definitely recommend you. Till next time Sincerely yours, Tanya Sissel

5 Flower delivery Denn*** on 10/8/2018

House though I did not see the flowers myself the service was absolutely amazing. My little lady was happy that’s all that really matters and I was very impressed with the service itselfFrom the time I ordered the flowers and the time they arrived it was less than 45 minutes

5 Excellent Service Joem*** on 10/5/2018

Thank you for you excellent service. Delivery always on time.

5 Awesome Rich*** on 10/1/2018

Always perfect flowers, thanks so much

2 Bad service Alex*** on 10/1/2018

First of all delivery was late for more than an hour, what for did I payed 10$???? The most surprising thing is that your note looks so pathetic, just a peace of paper with my text written by somebody by hand in ugly way with mistakes, not even printed, you made me look like a fool! Is that normal for your company?

2 Mr. Juni*** on 9/27/2018

I would like to express my disappointment as to the service that I received from you company. I had request and paid for an additional red rose and a blue rose to be included in the package that I sent to my girlfriend. Imagine my surprise when she sent me a picture of the flower arrangement I had sent to her, minus the red rose and the blue rose. I understand that you try at every opportunity to provide the choices that are request. However, I see you had no problem taking my money, even when the service was below Average. Also, as an additional info, the two Teddy Bears in the arrangement were both female in female attire. I am male and my girlfriend is female. I wonder if your company will reimburse me for the additional funds I spent without proper service. Thanks!!! FOR NOTHING..... Jr. McLaughlin

5 Thanks to Chinaflower214 Henn*** on 9/18/2018

Chinaflower214 is very reliable and good service..

5 Good service ange*** on 9/17/2018

Ordered from Singapore and deliver the flowers on time . Thank you

5 🐷 piggy Suma*** on 9/14/2018

First time using an online service and I didn't expected the roses might reach on time as I ordered in the evening at about 12am time in the UK and it was 7 am back in china. As mention on the system I input at same day delivery at 10am and she did received it on time too with fresh roses on. AN EXCELLENT SERVICE I WOULD LIKE TO SHOUT OUT AND RECOMMEND IT TO FIRST TIME USERS TOO I WILL DEFINITELY USE THIS SERVICE AGAIN! Yippie! Tq very much.

5 Great and easy Anth*** on 9/13/2018

I sent flowers to my love in China from USA. Easy and simple. The flowers are beautiful.

5 Awsome products and on time Lanc*** on 9/13/2018

Thank You for your awesome service and beautiful product. This is the 3rd time I used this site and all times was awesome. Thx Lance

5 Great Service Geor*** on 9/11/2018

I am very happy with the service - my wife received the flowers on schedule and was very happy.

5 Very efficient fran*** on 9/9/2018

Goers was beautiful and delivering service reliable and rapid. For sure I'll use the service again. Thank you

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