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4 Payment done twice Teja*** on 2023-6-9

Hi, I appreciate the speed with the Order was processed. Thank You for the timely process. We will surely place all our future orders on this portal. However, by mistake the payment was done twice for this order (2306072155386). Request you to process a refund for the same. Looking forward to it.

5 Excellent service Guil*** on 2023-6-9

Ordered the flowers a couple of weeks ago for a specific date delivery. It worked perfectly and the flowers were delivered on time and in perfect condition. Very satisfied!

5 Excellent service jeff*** on 2023-6-9

Fast & accurate. Easy process overall

5 Hospitalization, Funeral and Hospitalization John*** on 2023-6-8

Had ordered flowers to brighten one's day when hearing of a relative who was hospitalized. At this time was unable to take delivery of the flowers while attending to our sick relative's needs. Our relative passed away a couple of weeks later and the family immediately began making the funeral arrangements. A subsequent trip to the hospital was necessary for an unrelated yet urgent surgery. The flowers were received once discharged from the hospital after the surgery. They were delivered fresh and were a wonderful surprise after a very tumultuous time. The overall duration was over a month, and appreciated greatly the commitment to customer service. The care and concern the company exhibited has been exemplary!

5 Flowers to Helen INTE*** on 2023-6-7


5 cake, flowers Nich*** on 2023-6-5

I used 214 twice, for sending a cake and some flowers. The service is 100% efficient and their products are top quality. I would never use anyone else to send gifts to China. Thanks,

5 Great service Stev*** on 2023-6-3

Store worked very hard to keep me informed of every stop in the process and immediately contacted me to work through an error that I made. I am extremely happy with the flowers as delivered and the personnel service provided is definetly above and beyond. Thank you

5 Excellent service Leji*** on 2023-5-31

I have a relative in China who past away, so I sent flowers and chocolate to his wife. I live in the U.S.A. and ordered the flowers for delivery in China. We ordered in the early morning and it took about 5 hours before my relatives received it. They were pleased with the gift I sent. It was the first time I used this company, so I was a little nervous, but I am now very happy with their service and will use them again!

5 Excellent as always Alex*** on 2023-5-30

Wish i could rate 10 stars

5 Always on Time Teri*** on 2023-5-30

We've use China Flower 214 for a few corporate deliveries. Thank you for good service.

5 Money Tree Patr*** on 2023-5-30

I sent my daughter a money tree for her birthday, and she loved it. The delivery was exactly as they said and the quality of the product was excellent and very good value for money. Highly recommended

5 Excellent and Fast Service Duan*** on 2023-5-29

Thank you for the prompt service, my requested item was delivered with good quality.

5 EXCELLENT! Wolf*** on 2023-5-27

I was wondering how to send a "thank you" to someone in China and found ChinaFlower214. I did not expect too much, but now I'm really excited about this flower delivery service! The price was fair and the delivery fast. The flower arrangement was very nicely and looked like made with love, even with a handwritten card. The little Teddy Bear was not of the ugly cheap kind, but was very cute. Sure I will use this service now again in the future, when ever I need to surprise someone in China - Thank!

5 Good Service Simo*** on 2023-5-26

Thank you very much for the service rendered for the delivery of Flowers it was fast & efficient Thanks

5 Always fresh flowers Pete*** on 2023-5-24

Easy to order and quick delivery.

5 Excellent flower delivery Alex*** on 2023-5-17

Excellent flower delivery, good quality, fast delivery, thank you!

5 Well done gay *** on 2023-5-15

Very good and well done. the delivery on time . Thank for your hard work

5 Happy Mom! gres*** on 2023-5-15

My mother in law was out of town when they were about to deliver the flowers. I asked them to call her before delivery and that’s it my mom said if can deliver a day before and so they did that. I have found a new shop to order her flowers every occasion. Thank you for making her happy on Mother’s Day!

5 Punctual and good quality stel*** on 2023-5-14

They are very punctual and good quality of flowers . My husband and I have been using them for years to sending flowers overseas. Highly recommend!

5 Perfect Jana*** on 2023-5-13

Ich habe die Blumen ganz einfach aus Deutschland aus bestellt! Am nächsten Tag wurden sie im China/Nantong an meine Familie vor Ort geliefert. Sie hat sich sehr gefreut. Vielen Dank 😊👍🏻

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