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What does 19 roses mean?

By Daisy Lee

2013-12-15 00:00:00

Sending flowers have already become a kind of trend. People send flowers to lovers, parents, friends and anyone you care about, to show your best wishes, we send flowers on holidays, birthdays and anniversaries, in all important days, to memorize the good past, to celebrate the beautiful present and to bless the future.

Obviously, the flowers have become spokespersons for beautiful things. However, if you choose wrong branch numbers, it will not only spoil people’s enthusiasm, but also bring the blame, contempt, even anger.

19 red roses bouquet

So, what is the flower meaning of 19 roses? Why we choose the number 19? 

"19" is a very popular number, meaning "looking forward to your accompany"; 19 roses mean "love you forever and ever".

When people choose flowers for a girlfriend or for wife, a bunch of 19 red roses is very popular. It has beautiful meaning for love, and is very particular in the number. We know that the flowers are wrapped into a bouquet. More branches will bring a stunning visual effects, but the price is also rising. So people only use large number of flowers on very important occasions; if the number is too small, your beauty may be angry about it, so you will find yourself in trouble.

A bunch of "19 roses" is just perfect on the quantity. The price can be beard by generally commuters. It looks generous and bouquet.

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