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Why send 21 rose, What is meaning of 21 roses?

By Daisy Lee

2013-12-12 00:00:00

The flower language of 21 roses---sincere love.
The Chinese pronunciation of “21” is similar with “爱你”, which means that I only love you in my life. Therefore, the 21 red roses stands for sincere and unique love.

21 purple roses---love you everyday.
I have eyes, but can not see you whenever I want; I have ears, but can not hear your breathes whenever I want; I have hands, but can not hold you tightly whenever I want; I have heart and I can think about you whenever I want.

21 pink roses--sincere love and the purest love in the world.
Pink roses represent being touched, the declaration of love, keeping in mind, loving your bright smile and first love.

21 red roses delivery to China

21 red roses-- passionate love
It represents that you are my best love. Sending 21 red roses to your lover means sending all your sincere love to your lover.

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