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What is the implied meaning of 22 roses?

By Daisy Lee

2013-12-11 00:00:00

Sending roses to others is romantic, however, if the number is wrong, it will lead to terrible results. As we all know, girls have delicate thoughts. You should be careful when you are sending flowers to your girlfriend or wife for fear of being misunderstood. The flower language of roses of different colors and numbers are different. Now, let’s get aware of the implied meaning of 22 roses.

In accordance with Chinese culture and custom, 22 is a favorable number. All of us love even numbers since they are considered as lucky. Generally, the engagement and wedding ceremonies are held on the date with even numbers. 22 is not only an even number, but also provides people with an impression of mature and in pairs.

The flower language of 22 roses: in pairs and couples, intimation and affections

send 22 roses

22 roses stand for the love that lovers have good affection with each other. Only with good affection, the love can be continued and happiness will generate. You can send your girlfriend 22 roses to let her know your affection and feel the sweetness and happiness of love. If you just fall in love with your girlfriend, you can send your girlfriend

22 red roses -- the happiness of passionate love and I think you are happy.
Flower language: I think you are happy. I can see your happy expression when we hold hands in hand and walk together. You are surrounded by beautiful roses. I just wait patiently for your appearance and my cold heart becomes warm at the first sight of you.

22 pink roses -- If the color of love is the same with that of dream, it will be wonderful!
Flower language: Our love is as wonderful as first love. The pink memory is the best. Let us leave wonderful memories together.

22 Champagne roses -- in the love with both affections, it can be so elegant and glorious
Flower language: The past time will be kept in mind and the future time will be shared and cherished by us together!

22 purple roses -- Elegant, noble and mysterious
The romantic purple roses, together with pure white lily, can present noble quality.

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