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Why Send 99 rose, What is meaning of 99 roses?

By Daisy Lee

2013-12-09 00:00:00

Rose is the symbol of love and beauty and stands for happy and fine love. However, roses with different numbers and colors have different flower languages and implied meanings. The implied meaning of 99 roses has the most affinity. It is known that 9 roses stand for firm love.

Then how about 99 roses? What is the implied meaning of 99 roses? What do 99 roses stand for?

The flower language of 99 roses: Forever!

99 roses stand for love forever. I will love you until the end of the world. If you love her, please make a love declaration to her with 99 roses that you will love her forever and spend the whole life with her.

99 red roses -- The most romantic thing
Flower language: When we grow old, we can sit under a tree and in the sunshine, drink a cup of tea to have a taste of the passed years and original love. We will recall the happy moments and the hardships together! “The most romantic thing is to grow old together with you”. When it is realized, our love will have a happy ending!

99 red roses

99 Purple roses -- Purple Dream
Flower Language: Purple stands for romance. If it is matched with romantic screen, it will be unique and the best gift for him or her.

99 purple rose

99 Pink Roses--The Romance of De Amor
Flower Language: my mind flows like “The Romance of De Amor”. The sweet sound is fulfilled with continuous emotions, which is like the endless emotions develop slowly. In the music, it seems if that I came back to the grass land in school and the golden rape flower. It is similar to Proust coming back to his childhood with the taste of cookies.

99 pink roses

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