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Table Flowers with Traditional Chinese Characteristics

By Daisy Lee


If you adore simplicity and don't like flamboyant and eye-catching things at all, then integrate simplicity into your wedding elements.

Floriculture - Warm Home in The Whole Autumn and Winter

By Daisy Lee


Warm your house with floriculture in the whole Autumn and Winter.

Thanksgiving Day, To Extend Thanks To People Who Helped You

By Daisy Lee


Thanksgiving Day is a foreign traditional festival. However, with the accelerated development of globalization, Thanksgiving Day has become popular in China, people celebrate this festival to extend their gratitude to family and friends.

Flower Appropriate for the Celebration of New Born Baby

By Daisy Lee


It is really a great joyous thing that your friends have their children. As a friend, of course we should prepare a gift for them to celebrate the new birth to send our best wishes. So on such occasion the most appropriate present should be sending flowers.

Four Chinese Folk Love Stories

By Daisy Lee


"The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl", "Meng Jiangnv", "Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai" ("Butterfly Lovers") and " The Legend of the White Snake" are known as Chinese Four Folk Love Stories. All these four legendary love stories reflected the people's recognition of sincere love from certain respect.

Chinese Top 10 Famous Flowers

By Daisy Lee


It contains dozens of flowers were spirit spiritual and cultural heritage of the country at different levels, has a deep and strong historical connotations, each is unique in the flower industry, has a different symbolism.

Do not Send Chrysanthemum Casually

By Daisy Lee


Chrysanthemum is regarded as the symbol of exclusion, integrity, elegance, and anti-frost. It represents the grace and friendship of the famous litterateurs. Since chrysanthemum blooms in the deep autumn against the cold, it is popular among Chinese people.

What Is The Best Flower to Give On Your First Date

By Daisy Lee


It goes without saying that flower is of great importance in the first date between two lovers. Many people are fully aware of this, but they fail to pay enough attention to flower. In fact, it will have a good effect if the boy gives the girl a flower on the first date.

Father’s Day Origin And Customs

By Daisy Lee


The Father’s Day, dating back to the early 20th century in the United State, is a festival when special gratitude is sent to fathers. The date of the festival varies in different countries. The majority of countries and regions around the world celebrate the Father's Day on the third Sunday of June, including Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao.

Europe 2014 Latest Trend for Floristry

By Daisy Lee


On the 16th Hortiflorexpo China, Mr. Stefan Prinz, from the Germany Florist Association, shared with visitors with the latest trend for floristry in Europe through beautiful bouquets inspired by four seasons. With more conversations with the nature and integrated with the fashion, floristry masters lead us to perceive the replacement and changing of life from plan
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