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33 Roses Meanings

By Daisy Lee

2013-12-10 00:00:00

With the improvement of people’s living standrds, flowers become a fashionable gift. Roses are preferred among all flowers in various vacations, such as Valentine’s Day and Christmans. It is the best choice for sending gifts to lovers and a method for lovers to express their emotions. However, different colors and numbers represent different meanings. Now let’s see what are the flower languages and implied meanings of 33 roses.

The flower language of 33 roses: I love you forever.

In fact, “33” is not a common number, it is a miracle number and the Chinese pronunciation is similar to “生生”, which means love forever; 33 means love you forever; the shape of 33 is a ear, which symbolizes lovers’ intimate behaviors, such as kiss, whisper etc., Therefore, the flower language of 33 roses is love forever and sending someone 33 flowers means you will love him or her forever.33 flowers is very suitable to express your affections and the price is economic. It is one of the most popular flower beams.

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The situations that 33 roses are suitable
33 roses are suitable for: declaration of love, expressing your love, asking for engagement and marriage anniversary.

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