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What's the meaning of 11 roses?

By Daisy Lee

2013-12-13 00:00:00

Flowers are endowed with specific meanings in eastern and western cultures. In Chinese traditional culture, many flowers stand for good features, for example, peony symbolizes the noble and wealth, orchid represents the fine quality of gentlemen. In western countries, every flower has its own language, for example:

The flower language of tulip is “the commitment of love and sincere emotions”. The flower language of carnation is “great, sacred, kind and warm love of mother”. Then what is the flower language of rose? What is the implied meaning of 11 roses?

  In our country, even numbers are preferred and it means “good things should be in pairs”, “in pairs and couples”. Flower languages are originated from western countries. They have different understanding of numbers when flowers are sent and every number has a specific meaning.

11 red roses bouquet

  The number of 11 has abundant good meanings.
  11 can be taken as one plus one, they it equals 2. The Chinese pronunciation is similar to “爱” (love). It stands for the couple love each other forever.
  11 is the symbol of undivided attention, which means dedicated love.
  11 can also means you are my world and I am your world. In my whole life, I will only love you.

  The flower language of 11 roses: undivided love.
  11 flowers stand for I love you in my whole life, undivided love and keep company forever.

  The flower language of 11 red roses: Love her in the whole life and never break up.
  In your eyes, she is unique and perfect. You want to spend the whole life with her without breaking up. It is your commitment to love her forever.

  The flower language of 11 pink roses: undivided love and I only belongs to you..
  Pink roses represent being touched, the declaration of love, keeping in mind, first love and loving your brilliant smile.

  The flower language of 11 yellow roses: Cherish each other in the whole life.
  Yellow roses stand for friendship. Your friendship is irreplaceable and your friendship will be cherished in the whole life.

  The flower language of 11 blue roses: the commitment for the whole life.
  Blue roses stand for “pure love, honest, sincere and kind” A single blue enchantress represents it is a commitment to be together. In the whole life, it is lucky to own a good relationship.

  The flower language of 11 white roses: I only care about you!
  The flower language of while roses: pure, noble, innocent and pure love. 11 white roses refer to the best love. I only care about you!

  Roses stand for beautiful and pure love and 11 roses symbolize undivided love. There are many colors of roses, white rose presents “passionate love”, pink rose stands for “forever love”, white rose symbolize “pure love” and yellow rose is on behalf of “faded love.”

Therefore, the implied meaning of 11 red roses is different with that of 11 pink roses, 11 white roses and 11 yellow roses. If the roses are sent to your lover, 11 pink roses, red roses or white roses are the best choices.

  At present, love is fragile and the love which can endure the test of time, gossip and temptation is rare. Therefore, it is essential to express your “undivided love” to your girlfriend.
  Now you will understand the implied meaning of 11 roses sent by others. Next time when you receive 11 roses, you should be aware of his affection of telling you that you are his best love with flower language. Please don't disappoint his when he conducts deep declaration. Hope you live a good life together.

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