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Speaking Skills In Gift Giving

By Susan Ye


Nothing is impossible in this world, only when you are incompetent in making it possible. An able man can freely control all the situations in the life, turning calamities into blessings and making the impossible possible, and finally achieves his purpose. Methods, skills and tools you use are essential. This book has chosen skills for dealing with common difficult, great, strange and emergent events in life and collected unique techniques for asking for help or benefits. Throughout the book, we can see morals in tiny events, elegance in vulgarity. It is telling truth and dealing with real situations. Every read can learn how to deal with affairs, master unique techniques and control real situations from it, making us calm down to analyze with definite purposes and succeed immediately. 

  Some people always feel unease or unnatural when giving gifts with quick heartbeats, which results in an embarrassing situation and they may feel embarrassed afterwards. No wonder some people believe gift giving is a hard job and feel very reluctant to do it. In fact, this is mainly because that they are with strong psychological pressure, as long as the method is correct, and the psychological pressure is eliminated, gift giving is no embarrassment at all.

  It won’t happen again
  Some people have visited many experienced gift senders and consulted how they will do if the other parties involved do not want to or do not dare to accept their gifts. Most said that the best policy is saying “it won’t happen again” with a very sincere attitude. After saying this, most of them will be received.

        Choosing the most important person
  If you want to send a gift to a man, you should not choose him as a recipient, instead, you should choose his beautiful wife. The reason is very simple, you send a gift to his wife, she will accept it happily. Therefore, she will soon be your friend, and her husband will unwilling to be your enemy. In fact, when you send his wife a gift, he will be very proud and feel at real ease; even if he does not want to accept it, he may force himself to smile in front of his wife. This method makes full use of the following three psychological characteristics: firstly, psychological advantage of loving husbands and wives; secondly, the vanity psychology of women; thirdly, mental compatible between husbands and wives.

Remember forever
Every one may be a little snobbish, people are always eager to flatter those who are powerful and successful. But there are also exceptions, someone, who is dismissed due to some mistakes, used to be courageous and knowledgeable and there are many people try to please them and try to establish relationship with him by sending gifts. While after being dismissed, old friends may turn into strangers over night. At this time, you can send him a birthday gift, and he will feel grateful. Once he gets his position again, he will never forget you.
When a person is not successful or unappreciated, you send him a gift, which may make you companions in adversity. This is an important psychological tactics for winning others’ heart, don't miss this chance.

Sending gifts as a third party
In interpersonal communication, people are often wary of each other, they may monitor actions of the other party involved, while they may believe the third party outside. You can make full use of this psychological tend.
If a female staff wants to thank the manager of the company for his help, she sends several bottles of wine to him in the name of her husband, the manager will accept. Conversely, if she send in the name of herself, the manager may think that "you must be asking for help or benefits” or “you are flattering me”, and he may dislike it or take precautions and then refuse her gifts. The best gift is the local specialty from your hometown, because there are three advantages here: firstly, the other party involved has no reason to refuse; secondly, it may make him feel homesick; thirdly, take the topic of local specialties, you can find common topics and become intimate with each other. Sending gifts as a fellow in the same hometown is a universal skill. No matter what you send, the other party involved will feel cordial and the effect of gift giving will be nice.

Sending gifts in the position of "the younger generation"
  A certain Mr. is working in an important sector with great power, but he was honest and never accepts gifts. As for gifts sent to him, he will either refuse or “return with equivalent price”. Therefore, those who send him gifts always feel embarrassed.

  Once a clerk came to his house and said: "director general, I am in the same age with your son, but he is much happier than me, because he has a healthy father like you. I did not know how to take care of my father a few years ago and were not filial to him, as a result, my father is ill now. Our younger generation does not expect fathers are rich and powerful, we just hope the y are healthy……you are more than 50 years old, and you must pay attention to you health. Otherwise, your son will feel sorry and sad. These healthy tonics are to express my filial piety as a younger generation, and hope you will take care of yourself.” After listening to this, the director general was touched, finally not only accepted the gift, but also had a very deep impression on the young clerk.

  The clerk is not for his power, he sends him gifts according to the actual situation of his father and his concern about the healthy body of this director general. He stands in the position of a son, which touches and impresses the director.

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