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Techniques of gift giving

By Susan Ye


  Gift is the carrier of relationship. Each gift represents the special intention of the sender, such as, thanking, asking for help, maintaining contacts and so on. So the gift you choose must be consistent with your intention, and makes the recipient feel your gift is extraordinary and very precious. In fact, the best gift should be the one which is selected according to the interest of recipient, and is meaningful, interesting with high taste but not obvious. Therefore, when choosing a gift, you must consider many factors, such as its ideological level, artistry, interestingness and commemorative significance, it should be unique with new style but not conventional.

1. You must control the functional degree of your gifts. To those noble and gentle men, a book may be better than anything, but those people become less than ever before. But a gift is a gift, it can not be over-practical.
2. Do not buy "useful" gifts. This advice is particularly for those who always buy household articles for beloved ones. Buying practical gifts means lack of imagination and without thoughts when picking gifts. You should remember the gift is sent to a person, not a family.
3. Selecting the package carefully. Gifts are different from something to use, good contents and forms may add value to them. A principle for gift giving is choosing beautiful package as far as possible.

  At the same time, you also should master the following skills when sending gifts:
1, do not send coupons and other things if you can send money
2, do not bring the gift to the office if you can bring it to his or her home
3, do not send during the day if you can send at night
4, do not send to the person involved if you can send to his wife
5, do not make it widely known if you are willing to send a gift
6, do not bring several persons if you can do it alone
7, try to achieve your goal if you want to send a gift

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