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Taboos Of Gift Giving For Business

By Susan Ye

2013-11-17 00:00:00

  If you want to ask for help of benefits, it is not easy to make both parties happy when sending gifts, because, there are many taboos in gift giving--- personal, traditional, ethnic, religious and cultural taboos. Sometimes, accidentally, a gift which you select with all your heart has violated a certain taboo, which may make the other party feel unhappy even angry; surely, he would not help you any more.

  A taboo is a scruple to a certain things due to some reasons (especially the cultural factors), there are mainly two reasons for taboos.
One of them is caused by the individual factors of recipients; some taboos are produced by self-esteem or deficiencies of recipients in certain aspect. The other is the public taboo caused by customs, religious beliefs, cultural backgrounds and professional ethnics; this is especially important and cannot be ignored when sending gifts to foreigners and outsiders.
Because of these factors, different people hold totally different attitude to same gift, love or taboo or hate. Therefore, you must consider carefully when selecting gifts to avoid taboos of the other party.

  You can refer to the taboos as follow to see whether you have made some taboos when sending gifts to others:

1, avoiding illegal gifts
When civil servants are in the performance of official duties, you should do send any gift to them no matter how close your relationship is.
When sending gifts to foreign friends, you must consider whether your gift has violated existing laws in his or her country.
2, avoiding bad and vulgar gifts
When you select gifts, they should not conflict or contradict with local social customs.
3, avoiding gifts of private taboos
Due to various reasons, some objects will become taboos for some people. For example, hypertensive does not eat food with high fat and high cholesterol; diabetic patients can not eat food with high sugar content. If you send taboo gifts to those people, they will think you don't respect them.
4, avoiding harmful gifts
There are some things will be harmful to the people's work, study, life, physical health and family, such as cigarettes, liquors, gambling devices and vulgar books, audio and video, if you send this kind of gift, perhaps you can hit on what one likes, but inevitably, you can not avoid the suspicion for bringing harms to others.
Don't send obsolete, useless things to other people, because it only proves that you look down on them.

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