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The Six Fashion Trends of Theme Wedding in 2016

By Susan Ye


Now it is the time for Wedding Time to show you the 6 fashion trends of theme wedding in 2016. Please take a seat and notebook and listen carefully to my introduction about those trends.

Among Nine Largest Flower Seas in China

By Susan Ye


One flower is said to be beautiful, so you think it needs to be protected. However, if it is placed in the sea of flowers, you will be shocked by its strong natural power. You know, there are 9 seas of flowers in China, coming out in the extensive land.

What is Wine Day?

By Susan Ye


Wine Day is a holiday observed on October 14th each year, it is a day for lovers to sip wine and celebrate poetic autumn. On this day, most intimate lovers choose to stay in a romantic restaurant with savory and mellow wine, and discuss their future life to deepen their relationship.

Mid-autumn Festival Customs In China

By Susan Ye


There is a custom of having the groom by throwing handkerchief on Mid-autumn Festival in some regions in Shandong. This night, it will put a arena in the middle of square with the shape of moon palace and the decoration of jade rabbit and cassia tree.

Don’t Belittle “A Small Bouquet of Flowers”

By Susan Ye


Presumably, you want to see how surprised and happy when your girlfriend or wife receives flowers. If possible, let the heart live in the “Full House” (Korean drama) to enjoy a happy love.

Recommended Words of Confession for Chinese Valentine's Day

By Susan Ye


Recommended words of confession for Chinese Valentine's Day, express love with these words to your lover in Chinese and English.

Network Valentine's Day In China

By Susan Ye


The Network Valentine's Day is a special day for love in the network times, and is scheduled for May 20 and May 21 of each year. It is said that this festival originates from the song "Digital Love" sang by Mavis Fan, in which "520" is referred to "I love you", and the musician Wu Yulong's network song, in which "I love you" has close contact with "network lover".

The Spring Conservation of Succulents

By Susan Ye


For many succulents, spring is a season of nutrient reserves. So what special care do succulents need in spring?

White Valentine’s Day (A Kind of Valentine’s Day)

By Susan Ye


Generally speaking, White Valentine's Day is the continuation of Valentine's Day. It has started from the 3rd century in Rome. The Empire of Rome set the Valentine’s Day in memory of saving the lives of the lover who was going to be killed because of breaking the ban of marriage on February 14th. The lover swore to keep their promise until their death one month later. That is March 14th. After that, White Valentine’s Day spread to other countries of the world.

Giving the Perfect Gift to Your Valentine in 2014

By Susan Ye


Valentine’s Day presents can be a serious point of anxiety and stress for those in romantic relationships. New couples, veteran couples, and want-to-be couples each have their own set of challenges in the area and in each category gifts can hold different meanings.
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