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Gift Giving Is An Art

By Susan Ye

2013-11-17 00:00:00

  Since gift giving is a kind of art, it has some common rules, whom to give, what to give and how to give? All these have mystiques; we can never send gifts blindly, aimlessly and excessively. According to successful experiences and unsuccessful lessons at all times and all over the world, we at least should pay attention to the following principles:

   Benefits are closely related to gift giving, gift giving should come first and benefits follow, only after you have give gifts, can you gain benefits, when you know this, it becomes very easy to ask for help and benefits from others.

    As the old saying goes, when you wear other people’s clothes, you will concern about worries of others. In another word, if you accept gifts from others, you have to serve for them. Therefore, if you ask something from others, you must learn to send gifts to them first.
Of course, when asking for something from others, if you send gifts appropriately, all is well. Otherwise, you will be turned down and feel vexed. So you need to master techniques in gift giving.

  You can not send gifts to others for help when in urgency, the best time to send a gift is on festivals or the birthday of the other person involved, or when he or she is ill. At such time you send your presents, he or she has no reason to refuse and it is easy to achieve your goals.

  Gift giving for help or benefits has some strategies, sometimes, it is better to send something his or her family members like instead of something he or she likes, which can bring you a favorable impression. It is particularly important that this way for gift giving aiming at family members may improve your relationship greatly, reach an unexpected effect and even establish a closer private friendship or relationship.
Gift giving for help or benefits can not be blind and reckless. Before you send gifts to others, you must know his or her interests, then you have a definite object in mind with thoughtful arrangement, the person involved will accept it easily, and your demands can be satisfied in all probability.

  In the commodity society nowadays, benefits are always closely related to gift giving, gift giving should come first and benefits follow, only after you have give gifts, can you gain benefits, which has been a general rule for business public relations.
Gift feeding is the lubricant for maintaining good relations with enterprises, partners and customers, compared with other PR tools, gift feeding has a clear directivity and good return rate, so the cost of gift feeding used by enterprises each year often takes up a considerable proportion in their annual PR budget.

  The PR departments of many big companies have specially recorded identities, statues, interests and birthdays of some important persons. On every festival and other suitable day, they will send routine gifts to them to consolidate and develop their networks of relationships, so as to establish and improve their own business statuses.
● Gift giving for help or benefits
Gift package of food – choosing and purchasing high-grade food with delicate package
The fountain pen and pen box -- choosing and purchasing pens with famous brands
CD and DVD disks – deciding based on the interests of the other person involved
Gift coupons in supermarkets or book stores – the face value of these coupons can not be too small
Tickets for sports or art performance – sending tickets which the other party likes to watch but are not easy to get
High-energy moon cakes and Christmas tree – gifts with strong festival flavor and cash are suitable to send on corresponding festival, which should be decided based on suitable opportunity, occasion and the relationship with him or her.
   Gift books – qualified books with high value and delicate package
Brand clothing – shirts and suits with famous brands
Calligraphies and paintings of celebrities – making sure that the other party like precious plants, such as bonsais, root carvings and famous flowers according to his or her interests and hobbies
Traditional crafts --such as ceramics of the Tang Dynasty, cloisonne, embroidery and other gifts
Local specialties – selecting local products with the most distinctive features
● Gift giving for PR
Pen – selecting famous manufacturers and printing the name of the famous company on it
Calendar – delicate workmanship with not too much of advertising words for the company
Pocket calculator – printing the logo of the company on it
Briefcase – printing the brand of the company or the name of the manufacturer
Watch – printing the name of the company on it 
Liquor - if the company involved is a wine producer, such gifts will be more popular
Diary – choosing and purchasing delicate notebooks with thick papers and then printing the name of the company on it
Knife – you’d better choose a famous brand or manufacturers, such as the Swiss knife
Glass cup -- crystal glass cups with delicate pictures will be more popular
Jacket or suit – this kind of gift will be more meaningful for enterprises of clothing production

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