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Speaking Skills When Sending Gifts To Leaders

By Susan Ye


Unique skills for gift giving to leaders:
1. Offering a present provided by others
If your gift is a native product, you can say that it is brought from your home and you want to share it with the other person involved, it is not too much and is not bought specially. Then you can persuade him or her to accept. In general, he or she will refuse you because he or she may think you are with obvious objectives, while, with this method, it can be eased and he or she will accept your gifts. Such as: 
Honey peach
Bamboo carving in Jiading
Songjiang perches

   2. Sending gifts under the cover of another thing
If what you want to send as a gift is wine or something in the same category, you might as well say that someone has sent you two bottles of wine, and you want to drink them with the other party involved. Then you may drink one of them and send another. With this method, your gift is sent; moreover, your relationship becomes closer without a trace. It is no better than that.
3. Gift giving with the help of others
Sometimes you want to send gifts to the other party involved whom you do not know at all, you might as well invite several acquaintances to congratulate him or her on birthday or wedding day, which he or she has no reason to refuse. After knowing it is your idea, he or she will change opinions on you. Sending gifts with help from others is the best policy.  
4. Grafting flowers on a tree
For example, Mr. Zhang wants to ask Mr. Liu for help in doing something, and he likes to send a gift, but he is also afraid to be refused by Mr. Liu, which may lose face. Fortunately, Mrs. Zhang is a good friend of Mr. Liu’s girlfriend; Mr. Zhang gets a idea that letting his wife visit Mr. Liu with a gift. The gift will be accepted and both sides will be satisfied. Sometimes it seems that making a detour may be better than direct method in gift giving.
5. Saying borrowing first 
If what you want to send an object as a gift, you may say that this object is no use in your home, and he or she can take it for temporary use; if it is money, you can say he or she can take it for emergency and pay it back when he or she has money. As long as you do not ask him or her to give it back, it will become a gift giving after a long time, which can reduce the psychological burden of the person involved and you can achieve your purposes.    
6. Sending gift in appropriate opportunity
For example, if a subordinate has gained a lot of benefits or favors from his boss and his want to pay back but without any chance. One day, he accidentally finds that the painting in annatto picture frame is a rubbing which is incongruous with the elegant furnishings in the home of his boss. Just enough, his uncle is a famous calligrapher and send him a calligraphic painting. He immediately brings it over and put it into the frame, the boss does not oppose his deed, instead, he like it very much. And finally he achieves the purpose of gift giving.
7. Sending gift in another way 
When you send gifts to others, you can say that the gift is bought with factory price, wholesale price or preferential price, and charge the recipient a small fee, which can get the same effect of gift giving. Because, the recipient has paid for it, he or she may feel at ease without worries.

  After entering into your boss’ home, you should compliment the location, furniture and decoration of his home. Then, he may criticize that you bring gifts, you can praise his work in the whole year and thank him for helping and promoting you in the work, gifts are just for thanking him. Then you can bless him and hope that he will promote you. You can chat whatever you like after entering the house. Because it is the Spring Festival, you can talk about something happy, but not something useless. You can also talk about problems in the recent work, and your work plans in the next year. In a word, you should talk about something good, something he want to hear and make your boss happy.

  Because it is in his home, there must be some other family members in the house. If there are elderly people and children, please remember, you should extend your greetings to the old firstly, concerning about the health of his parents, if his parents are modest, you should praise them. Every one likes to hear that his parents are healthy, however, you must pay attention to your wording which can not be too excessive. Then you should praise the wisdom of his child if the child is still young. More importantly, if the child is still in school and no more than 20 years old, you have to give him or her a red envelop with money. No matter what is his or her reaction, you must give it and the amount of money in it should be decided by yourself. You can say to the child that he or she can buy some books or something to eat or use with the money. Please remember, the red envelop should be given to the child when you are going to leave.

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