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Thanksgiving Day, To Extend Thanks To People Who Helped You

By Daisy Lee

2014-10-22 00:00:00

Thanksgiving Day is a foreign traditional festival. However, with the accelerated development of globalization, Thanksgiving Day has become popular in China, people celebrate this festival to extend their gratitude to family and friends.

Thanksgiving Day is a federal holiday in the United States.

With a grateful heart to find a better life, people will naturally feel happy. We often are reluctant to throw away a flower that has wilted for a long time, or take down an umbrella after rain stops, we walk a long way until it's getting dark, and think a lot before saying anything, it is very nice of you to keep me accompany all the time!

We should extend thanks to our parents for the love and care they gave to us from your childhood. When each pair of parents have a baby, they will worry about their baby their whole life, from eating and sleeping in childhood to work and marriage when he/she grows up, the child's every little thing will be the parents' big deal. When parents gradually become old, all we can do for them is to accompany them and take care of them, and express our gratitude. Flower is a common holiday gift, but carnation has a special meaning. Whom should we extend our gratitude to on Thanksgiving Day? Of course, the answer is Mother who endures all kinds of hardships for us. Carnation is the most popular gift on Mother's Day, Thanksgiving Day is no exception.

Carnations - the most popular flower for mother, also on Thanksgiving Day.

We should extend thanks to our teachers for their educational solicitudes. Teachers' instructions will accompany us from kindergarten to university, and exert life-change impacts on us, even in the whole lifetime. Under their guidance, we learn how to write, how to calculate and how to conducts ourselves in relation to others.

We should extend thanks to our friends for accompanying us all the way on Thanksgiving Day. It is friend who shares joys with us and shares our pain and suffering. When we live home, we rely on our parents; when we are out, we have to rely on our friends. They offer us righteousness help, listen to us carefully, share our laughs, and try to wipe away our tears of grief.

We should extend thanks to people around them for their sincere treatment, for their selfless giving. We also extend our thanks to the trees and flowers around us for providing us their shade and fragrance. Let's extend thanks to life and find the beauty of the world!

In the end, Happy Thanksgiving Day to All, November 27 2014!

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