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Thanksgiving Day Festival Originate In China

By Susan Ye



Not every country celebrates Thanksgiving holiday. In China, its Thanksgiving is celebrated on the last Thursday of November, and the year 2013’s Thanksgiving is on November 29th. But, where did the Chinese Thanksgiving originate from?

In fact, China didn’t have a Thanksgiving holiday; Chinese Thanksgiving was influenced by United States' holiday. People in China suggested that China should establish the holiday as well. In response to that, people in China started to celebrate it. Since ancient times, Chinese has been a selfless ethnic group; who know how to express gratitude toward others. There is an old saying in China, "A drop received in need, will be repaid with a whole river."

Because of the emphasis in getting good grades and have higher graduation rates in China's education system and many are only child in their family. The family’s doting care has made them feel and take for granted the care received from others. Hence, many students don’t know how to cherish, feel gratitude, instead, they request in receiving more. Many even feel antagonistic and boredom toward their parents' care for them.

Among the adults, there are also people with unthankful heart, they forget where they came from, and only care about the interest in things. In a civilized society, it is veryfundamental and necessary to have a grateful heart. It is a key requirement to build a harmonious society; this can help promote each member, groups, and classes of the societyto get along. Consequently, people will have more respect, trust, and selfless toward each other.

Therefore, many suggested having Thanksgiving in China, so that students learn empathy, appreciate friends, and understand their parents; the adults can discard their cold numb hearts, and sincerely care for others. Despite having religious connotations in Western Thanksgiving, the positive elements can be absorbed into the traditional virtues, and give new meanings to establish a “Thanksgiving” with Chinese characteristics.

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