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Learn To Be Grateful 2013

By Susan Ye


 From the moment of our birth to growing-up, our parents have made painstaking efforts day and night. From the primary school, junior high school to college, our teachers spare no effort to illuminate our voyage of life with their light of life.


 As the saying goes a drop of water in need shall be returned with spring in deed. Moreover, what we got from our parents and friends is not “a drop of water” but “a vast ocean”. Did you ever give your parents a cup of tea when they were exhausted? Did you ever send them a birthday card?  Did you comfort them when they were upset? They gave us too much, but how many of us can remember their birthday, realize their pains and notice their grey hair and wrinkles?

 Expressing our gratitude does not require to be earth-shattering; instead, a greeting, a call and a tender feeling is enough. Being grateful needs our true feelings and we need to repay it. It is love that made the world keeps spinning. Looking at society, our parents and friends with a grateful heart, you will find happiness. Learn to be grateful, for it it makes the world better and life more colorful.
 With the blessings, Chinaflower214 wish people with a grateful heart happy!

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