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Plush Toy Rabbit

Name: Plush Toy Rabbit 120CM

Product ID: 1149
Product Description:

Plush Toy Pink Rabbit, about 120CM

Delivery Area: Major Cities in China
Delivery Time: 3-7 Days
Product Price:
As shown: $55.99
90CM: $47.99
70CM: $45.99

Need to order 2 day ahead.

To make sure the flowers and gift arrive in the same time please order 4 days in advance. If lack of time we will arrange deliver the flowers and gifts by stages. (substitute rule: Due to the big area differentiation in China we will take the local equal little bear instead in case the delivery time is urgent.
Type of mailing: Express (SF, EMS)
Delivery scope: every main city, county and borough of China
Delivery time: 3-7 days.
Courier Request: the delivery address should be more detailed enough and should have the recipient's cell-phone number.

These products have their own substitution policy: only use premium and similar substitutes.
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We guarantee flowers in fresh and service in good quality. If not or we are not able to deliver to the recipient's place we will return 100% money back.
For season and area reason if we have to change the main flower we will inquire the customer. If we do not get response in time we will replace with flowers at same meaning and price.
The price has included the delivery fee in city. If the recipient isn't in city, more US$5~20 will be needed as delivery fee.
We support same day delivery in most place. In non-holiday you can order the delivery time. We can deliver to the recipient as quickly as in three hours.In holiday and festival we only can guarantee delivery in the day.
About Product Substitution Policy please visit here.