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What gifts are given during Christmas in each country?

By Susan Ye


In the overseas the Christmas gift may vary depending on the country. Then let’s take a look at what Christmas gifts are given in each country.

In United Kingdom: British Christmas emphasizes mostly on food, including roast pig, turkey, Christmas pudding, Christmas patties and so on. Every family member receives a gift; even the servant receives one, too. All presents are given in the morning of Christmas. Those who sing Christmas carol, they sing door to door. They are invited into the house by the house owner to have refreshments or they receive a small gift from the house owner.

In the United States: Because United States is a nation composed of many ethnic groups, so Americans celebrations of Christmas are also the most complex situations. Many immigrants from various countries still celebrate Christmas in accordance with the customs of their homeland. However, during the Christmas period, the Americans hang garlands and other chic arrangement outside the house in the same way.

In France: The French adult in general, they attend the church’s Christmas Eve Midnight Mass. After the Mass, the whole family goes to the eldest married brother or married sister home to the family reunion dinner. During the gathering, they discuss family events, but in case having discordances in the family, they must make peace. Therefore Christmas in France is a merciful day.

In Spain: Spanish children place the shoes by the door or by the window, to receive Christmas gifts. In many cities, there are gifts for the most beautiful children. Cattles also can receive good treatments. It is said that when Jesus was born, there was a cow who gave baby Jesus warm breath in order to keep him warm.

In Italy: In every Italian family, they place the scene model of the story of the Nativity. On Christmas Eve, the families gather to have a big feast; they join the Christmas midnight Mass. After the midnight Mass, they go visit their relatives and friends. And only children and elderly people receive gifts. On Christmas Day, the Italians have a good custom, children writes poetry or write essays to express their gratitude toward their parents their upbringings in this past year. These pieces are hidden in the napkins, underneath the plates or tablecloths before having Christmas dinner. Their parents pretend not to have seen it. After finishing dinner, they take it back to read it aloud.

In Sweden: Swedes are very hospitable, and during Christmas, they manifested it the most. Every family, no matter rich or poor, they welcome friends and even strangers to a variety of food on the table, for everyone to take.

In Switzerland: Swiss Santa Claus wears white robe, puts on a mask. The Santa Claus are dressed up by the poor people. They ask for food and gifts to others. And after the role play they split the food and gifts between them.

In Denmark: Denmark was the first country to launch Christmas stamps and TB stamps. These stamps were issued to raise funds for anti-TB funding. In Denmark, there are no Christmas mails without such stamps on it. The receivers of the mail, the more Christmas stamps affixed, the more they like them!

In Chile: Chileans, when celebrate Christmas, there must be a cold drink called “monkey tail” .It is made with coffee, milk, eggs, wine and fermented grapes mixed together. Why this drink is called “monkey tail”? No one can explain it.

In Norway: Norwegian people before going to bed on Christmas Eve, everyone in the family places the pair of shoes they are wearing, in a row, from large to small, and they take turns to sing their favorite Christmas carol or to recite a St. poem.

In Ireland: Every Irish family place a candle or a lamp on the window of the door frame on Christmas Eve, to welcome the birth of the Savior.

In Scotland: Schottisches they search the house for the things they have borrowed and must return them before Christmas to the owner. In general the gifts are given on the New Year’s first Monday, and not during the Christmas season. The children and servants also receive a gift.

In the Netherlands: Dutch Christmas gifts tend to go beyond most people's expectations, sometimes the presents are hidden inside the pudding goat’s intestines.

In Germany: A german family that follows Jesus believes, they own a Christmas tree. Christmas trees traditions were first in Germany. German Christmas cake is much elaborated. There are cakes of many styles and designs. Gifts are given among relatives and friends.

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