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Chinese Consumers Characteristics During Christmas

By Susan Ye


Christmas holiday is seen as an exotic day in China. It has its particular market consumers and it is conditioned to specific time and space. From the current point of view, Chinese consumers during Christmas spending have the following characteristics:

1, Christmas main consumers are young adults

According to the survey, 70 percent of people who celebrate Christmas holiday are young adults with ages below 38, and 45% of these young adults have good economic capabilities.
Students, other open minded people, and those who work in industries that strictly need more brain capabilities are the main Christmas spenders. Because students can accept new things more quickly, more open minded people, direct and mind-related industries, such as in internet related, business, education, etc., they can encounter to new things more easily. People working in these industries are naturally brought into Christmas Eve because of their professions. Those more prominent are the white-collar workers from foreign companies.

2, Christmas consumers are concentrated in open and developed cities

Whether a city celebrates Christmas, and how the city celebrates Christmas. It has already constituted in the city's cultural and economic development, this is closely related to the degree of openness of the city. In Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, those are all developed and open cities, people are commonly aware of this foreign holiday, but in some other more inland cities in the northwest the celebrations are less commonly seen. Especially in some economically underdeveloped small cities, Christmas is almost unknown. In fact, there are no traces of Christmas in the rural areas and towns.
3, Christmas amusement and consumption time are mainly spent on Christmas Eve.

Because there is no holiday on Christmas, therefore 100% of the celebration activities are gathered during the night time. After a busy day, the students, white-collar workers, those who are actively living in the forefront of trends, are all taking advantage of this opportunity to relax a bit. Because Christmas is also seen as a "second Valentine's Day", so the college students, who are the most enthusiastic, especially among those in love couples will choose Christmas Eve to celebrate and party. Since, there is no holiday, Christmas doesn't have family reunion meaning in it. Christmas day celebration ends on Christmas Eve.

4, Christmas celebrations emphasizes a unique emotional appeal

According to a recent survey, it shows that young adults in our country like Christmas because they think it is "romantic", it is an excuse of "happiness", and so on. Hence, what they like is the Christmas' special mood.
Consumers are fond for restaurants, bars, cafes and discos. According to Xinhua News Agency's report, in 2002's Christmas Eve, in Guangzhou City, almost all restaurants, bars, coffee shops were overcrowded. According to statistics, in Shanghai city, 70 percent of 14-30 year olds choose to go out on Christmas Eve to have a big feast, of which 90% of them will choose to attend discotheques like JJ, The New Yorker, etc, where it can accommodate thousands of people, they choose to attend custom parties, to vent their exuberant energy. On the other hand, 88.3% of the couples go to western theme restaurants to enjoy a romantic meal. These young adults aspire to be in a festive atmosphere, to feel the life they desire, the ambience from different culture.

5 Christmas gifts are indispensable

Exchanging gifts at Christmas, to show human kindness, promotes interpersonal relationships. Thus, Christmas gifts are considered to be an integral part of Christmas celebration among young adults. The launched of E-cards is causing a strong impact on the traditional Christmas greeting cards.

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