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The Implication of Sending Flowers in Festivals

By Daisy Lee


New Year
New year is a Chinese traditional festival and a symbol of the coming of spring. Generally, delicate potted flowers are sent as gifts, such as primula malacoides, pericallis hybrida, cyclamen, violet, dahlia, peony, daffodils, peach blossom,happy fruit, kumquat, red osmanthus fragran, pyracantha fortuneanae etc.,

Valentine's day
On February 14th, the Valentine’s day, a red rose is often sent as an expression of the affection between lovers. A half-open red rose and a beautiful green leave will be put in a transparent plastic bag together. At the lower part, a ribbon will be tied into a beautiful bowknot and a delicate small bouquet is formed, which is the best gift in the Valentine’s day. Rose is one of the most common gifts in the world and represents loyal, affection and energy. Generally, there are many colors for roses: dark red, pink, yellow, white etc., The well-known varieties are Elisabeth(red), First Love (yellow) etc., In Valentine’s Day, red rose is a common gift. How many roses is the best gift? Of course, the more, the better. One means the only love for you, three means “I love you”, six and eight are auspicious numbers, eleven can be separated as ten for the beloved and one for yourself. In general, 24 is an international practice. 12 is a dozen and represents 12 months in a year, which means the pursuit of perfection and love every day.

Women’s Day
March 8 is an international women's day, also called three eight holiday. It is  a holiday to celebrate women from the world strive for peace, equality and development.The world becomes beautiful for women! Without the sun, the flowers will not blossom; without love, there is no happiness;without women, there would be no love.Sending her a bouquet of roses to show your affection. Let flowers convey your blessings and love to her.

Mother's day
It is on the second Sunday in May every year.Usually, large pink carnations are taken as gifts for mothers. Pink is the color of women and the petals of carnation stands for the lover of mothers to the children. The number can be single and also a bouquet can be sent, or flower arrangement with elegant shapes can be selected.
Red carnation: it is used to wish mother healthy and long life;
Yellow carnation: stands for gratitude to mothers
Pink carnation: wish mothers young and beautiful forever
White carnation: besides the above meaning, it also means the missing for the mother who has passed away.

Children’s Day
Children’s Day is coming, what kind of flower will be sent between children? African daisy, represents for happiness and childhood without worries.

Father’s Day
It is on the third Sunday on June. Yellow roses are often sent as gifts. In some countries, yellow is taken as the color of the male. In Japan, red rose is the only choice on Father’s day without any limitation of numbers and shapes. 

Chinese Valentine’s Day
On the lunar calendar, the July 7th is Chinese traditional festival of Han nationality. Since most participants are girls and people always conducts skill-begging on the day, it is also called “the skill begging festival” or “girls’day”. It is the most romantic Chinese traditional festival and the one which girls pay most attention on. It is a folk custom of looking at Altair and Vega in the sky. It is said that the lover who live separately in the sky will meet each other at the night of the day. At the night, women will conduct skill-begging activities and wishes good fortune, health and wealth. The ceremony is sincere and grand, flowers, fruits, needlework, various furniture and tools are delicate and adorable. Later, in order to express the affection to the girls, boys will express their wishes with red roses on the day. Girls will feel happy for receiving flowers on the romantic day and couples of lovers are generated. 

Teachers’ Day
What is the best flower for teachers’ day? Mangnolia and osmanthus fragrans stands for gracious soul and talent. 

Thanksgiving day
It is on the fourth Tuesday on November. In western countries, it is the most important holiday. Turkey and pumpkin pie is the essential food for everyone; on the day, people with different religions and background will show their thanks for the grace of god; on the day, people will show their gratitude for parents, friends, relatives, classmates, leaders, colleagues and anyone who offered help to them. At present, the flowers and plants are the main gifts. Rose and lily are for lovers and friends. Carnation and sunflower are for parents. Lily, anthurium and green plants etc., are for leaders.
It is on December 25. In memory of the birth of Jesus Christ and ordinary festival for folk celebration, usually poinsettia is taken as Christmas flower with colors of red, pink and white and shapes of stars, which looks like the angle for heaven and also means blessing.In this festival,  all kinds of flower arrangement can be made with  poinsettia or artificial flowers, accompanied by candles for decoration and increasing the festival atmosphere. 

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