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Flower Appropriate for the Celebration of New Born Baby

By Daisy Lee

2014-08-04 00:00:00

It is really a great joyous thing that your friends have their children. As a friend, of course we should prepare a gift for them to celebrate the new birth to send our best wishes. So on such occasion the most appropriate present should be sending flowers.


Flowers, whose life is given by nature, is the symbol of spirit, beauty, hope and future. Therefore, when your friends have children, sending them a bunch of flowers or a basket of flowers is better than just sending red envelopes with money, or children’s toys and wear. Because sending flowers is not only elegant, decent, but also is helpful for making the banquet atmosphere more active. 

The most appropriate flowers for new birth are to send those simple elegant ones with delicate fragrance, which is warm, fresh and great.


Eternal Blessing

The head of lily is made up of almost a hundred of scales, which is regarded as a good sign that everything goes as people wish. Besides, her decent and elegant shape is very adorable. With a straight trunk, dark green leaves, pure white trumped-shaped like flowers, beautiful guestures and delicate scent, it is called “cloudy fairy”. The implied meaning of  lily is success, blessing and elegance.


Feeling of Happiness

Carnation is the symbol of love, charm and respect, and the red carnation represents love and care, which is the most appropriate for mothers.

Afican Daisy

Sincere Best Wishes

Afican daisy also called gerbera jamesonii or sunflower, arranges raceme, which has many different colors, such as the red one, the white, the yellow, the orange, the purple. Its implied meaning is persistent, fearless and happy forever.       


Birthday Flowers

With an alternate name Tang Changpu, gladiolus represents blessing. Because of its fascinating charm, many westerners hold a view that it is a symbol of happiness, festival and harmony, so they choose to send it on the day of banquets, wedding ceremonies, or when visiting celebrities. What’s more, its leaves shape like sword and grow upward, which is a symbol of promotion.



Because it is shaped like a butterfly, that is the reason why phalaenopsis gains its name. In Greek, the original meaning of phalaenopsis is butterfly-shaped like orchid. With graceful pose, gorgeous color, it is regarded as the treasure of tropical orchids. Meanwhile, it is also reputed as “the Queen of Orchids”, which means happiness is approaching.

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