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Shanghai Guides

Shanghai, Hu for short, is situated on the estuary of Yangtze River of China. It is an attractive metropolis in China. Covering an area of 5,800 square kilometers (2,239 square miles), Shanghai offers you a lot to experience. Here is a quick guide to Shanghai’s general information, attractions, tours, transportation, accommodation, dining, shopping, nightlife, travel tips, maps, pictures and Shanghai travel community. We do hope it will facilitate your travel, business or living in Shanghai.

Areas within Puxi:

The Bund (外滩 wàitān) - the colonial riverside of old (and reborn) Shanghai, including the Yuyuan Gardens (豫园 yùyuán)
French Concession - the leafy district once known as the Paris of the East, including the refurbished shikumen houses of Xintiandi
Xujiahui - Southwest part of Shanghai
Gubei - Close to the Hongqiao airport, a Carrefour, and with a large expat population
Nanjing Road - One of China's most famous shopping streets, it passes Jing'an (静安 jìng ān), leading to People's Park (人民公园 rénmín gōngyuán) and The Bund.
Hongkou (虹口 hóngkǒu) - home of Fudan and Tongji university, plus a park and museum for famed writer Lu Xun.
Yangpu (杨浦 yángpǔ) - contains the excellent and spacious gongqing forest park (共青森林公园 gòngqīng sēnlín gōngyuán)
and across the river:

Jing'An Temple - commercial area on nanjing Rd.
Pudong - the skyscraper-laden new financial and commercial district on the east bank of the river
Outlying districts:

嘉定 - Jiādìng
青浦 - Qīngpǔ
金山 - Jīnshān
南汇 - Nánhuì
松江 - Sōngjiāng
宝山 - Bǎoshān

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