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How to Celebrate Father's Day in China

Father’s Day allows children to show their love and affection for the father. Every country celebrates Father’s Day; but the dates for the celebration differ. A majority of countries like France, Japan and United States celebrate it on the third Sunday of June every year. China celebrates the Father's Day on Third Sunday of June every year, click here find out exact date, but on August 8 every year in Taiwan. Follow these steps to celebrate Father’s Day in China.

Step1 Wish your father "Happy Father’s Day" as soon as he wakes up in the morning.

Step2 Offer him a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Step3 Give him a gift that he would really appreciate along with a card having an emotional message. Get him something that he was planning to buy.

Step4 Prepare his favorite breakfast. You can make local food, like bings (pancakes), tang (soup) or mian (noodles), if he likes. Serve it hot. Share it with him for more enjoyment.

Step5 Plan an outing. Decide on a place that is away from the everyday crowd. Visit places like "Guilin" or "Huangshan" if he's interested.

Step6 Cook lunch in the open space, if possible. Serve barbecued pork, stir-fried baby bok choy or steamed whole fish, depending on his choice.

Step7 Have lunch together. Make the atmosphere joyous by sharing some funny jokes.

Step8 Click pictures to make the day memorable.

Step9 Play some family games. Spend Father’s Day with the entire family together.

Step10 Select a family restaurant for dinner. Let your father decide the menu.


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