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Birthday Fowers Gifts guide in China

Everybody has them, and yet they’re singularly special.  Birthdays deserve a distinctive gift that’s as worthy of the occasion as it is festive and full of life.  Whether it’s a simple bouquet, a dramatic arrangement, an everlasting plant or something lighthearted and whimsical, selecting the perfect birthday gift is easier than you might think.  It’s all about matching the unique personalities of the flowers with the unique personality of the person you’re celebrating. Start shopping our Birthday selections.

Birthday Flowers for Him and Her
Does she lean toward a traditional sensibility or is she thrilled by the next new thing? Is he zrounded in practicality or infamous for his spontaneous ways?  Does she thrive in the spotlight or prefer quiet admiration?

Don’t underestimate the impact of a classic floral bouquet for the tradition-loving type. She’ll appreciate its timeless style and savor its simple beauty.  For those who are ruled by a more adventurous streak, look to an arrangement created from exotic blooms.

Cater to his practical side by choosing from our Flowers in a Gift collection—even after the flowers fade, he’ll have a useful (or maybe just wonderfully fun) gift to enjoy.  Or consider a long-lasting plant that, with minimal care, will still be around for next year’s celebration.  If she's more the type to appreciate whimsical and lighthearted things, consider a somewhat unconventional bouquet, like a hardy bunch of bright, robust sunflowers or a playful flower and stuffed animal combination.

If she fancies attention, tell the world it’s her day with a birthday arrangement that’s a party in itself—complete with a Mylar birthday balloon and a festive vase.  Or send a plant and fruit basket combination to share with friends. If she's the type who’s more comfortable with understated appreciation, send the quiet beauty of an orchid or the earthy richness of a planted garden.

Birthday Flowers for Your Favorite Kid
Sons, daughters, nieces and nephews. The (blessedly) reliable babysitter and the industrious angel down the block who shovels your driveway in the winter and mows your lawn in the summer. All the kids in your life deserve a little indulgence on their birthday—and an imaginative, fun flower arrangement can be a distinctive, unexpected surprise.

Many of the arrangements in our Flowers in a Gift collection turn toys and collectibles into extraordinary bouquets. After the flowers fade, the recipient will have a cool model pickup truck with working tires to enjoy or a happy-face mug for storing pencils and pens. Or choose a stuffed animal and bouquet combination—it’s a sure-fire way to guarantee that your gift will find a permanent spot on the bedroom shelf or in a school locker. And don’t forget a foil Happy Birthday balloon to fully commemorate the event—several of our birthday arrangements are designed with them, or you can simply choose to include one with whatever flower gift you select for delivery.

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