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How to order?

Just four steps to finish your order. it is security, easy and faster.

Step One: Select  the flowers (cake, gifts) you would like to send, add to Cart and click Checkout.

                                    [Pic Checkout]

Step Two: fill messenger do as the pages suggest.

       1.  Member Information
       2.  Recipient’s Details

           Please fill the recipient’s name,address, telephone correctly and completely.
           NOTE:  Without the telephone or cell phone number, we can’t 
guarantee the gift to be delivery on time. if the number is not correct, we can’t guarantee the delivery.

                               [Pic Recipient’s Details]

       3.  Payment Method 
           Please select a payment method for the order:
           Option Paypal, Paypal support: US check account, Discover, Visa, Master, American Express. Need have a Paypal account.
           Option 2CO, Checkout for Credit card payments,it supports Visa, Master card, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners, Digital Check(US Bank Account Required).

                             [Pic Payment Method]

Step Three: Confirmation the infomation you filled above. And then continue with payment menthod you choice.

Step Four: Click Pay for your order. 

          Fill out the Cardholder name, Credit card number, Duration, and after careful and         accurate them, submit the complete contents. In the bank’s credit card information is provided on pages filled out and submitted through the encrypted transmission directly to the bank, not the information of this site, it is safe.

          Once payment confirmation will sent to you by your email when your payment is gone through.

          Then Click Order Tracking you can track your order anytime.

When your order Status is Delivered, Your order have been sent to the recipient.

If this can not help you, See more How to order DetailAny questions feel free tell us.