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What is Wine Day?

By Susan Ye

2014-10-08 00:00:00

Wine Day is a holiday observed on October 14th each year, it is a day for lovers to sip wine and celebrate poetic autumn. On this day, most intimate lovers choose to stay in a romantic restaurant with savory and mellow wine, and discuss their future life to deepen their relationship.

The Available Wines for Valentine's Day


In open-minded France, there are still some rigid differences between men and women. For example, when dining in a restaurant, it is mainly men's duty to select wines, especially in dating dinner. There is a popular saying in France: "It's very simple to find when your man stops loving you, just from the day when he ceases buying you champagne in a restaurant." So, no matter how expensive the champagne will be in a restaurant, men will never hesitate, especially on Valentine's Day.

Pink Wine

Lavender and pink wine are the embodiment of Provence. Lavender is a herb with the highest romantic index, the color of pink wine is mostly favored by women. The pure, refreshing colors with shining luster, as well as the light and refreshing taste, are very suitable for young love.


The icewine made from frozen grapes at a temperature of six degrees below zero often has shining golden color. Once enters the mouth, it will affects taste buds and becomes extremely sour, with strong contrast of sweet and extremely rich fruit aroma, which constitute the most charming and unique features of icewine. Produced in a world of ice and snow, icewine is rare and expensive. In fact, icewine love is very rich and sweet.

Noble Wine

In fact, brewing noble wine is an unrestrained gambling with nature every year--the grapes hanging in trees look like rotten raisins contaminated with carbon gray, it is hard to imagine that such ugly grapes would eventually become beautiful shiny golden wine. Botrytis cinerea not only increase grape sugar, but also produce glycerol that makes the taste more smooth and moisturizing, forming special flavors, such as the strong flavors of dried fruits, honey, raisins and botrytis cinerea. People have to take the risk of rotting all grapes, so as to use fully concentrated grapes to brew wine -This also applies to love.

In addition, it is said that Wine Day is called Blue Valentine's Day. If you want to send flowers to your girlfriend or wife, blue roses are your best choice.