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Chinese Top 10 Famous Flowers

By Daisy Lee

2014-07-24 00:00:00


Chinese top ten famous flowers are plum blossom, peony, chrysanthemum, orchids, Chinese roses, azaleas, camellias, lotus, osmanthus, narcissus these ten kinds of rare and beautiful local flowers. It contains dozens of flowers were spirit spiritual and cultural heritage of the country at different levels, has a deep and strong historical connotations, each is unique in the flower industry, has a different symbolism.

Plum blossom [梅花] - Chinese Flowers

1. Plum blossom [梅花]. With frost it blooms on the road; against snow it flowers in the cold. (the main producing areas are Hangzhou and Wuxi)

Peony [牡丹花] - Chinese Flowers

2. Peony [牡丹花]. It is supposed to be the made by Luochuan goodness; with its fair appearance beats the sunglow. (the main producing areas are Luoyang and Heze)

Chrysanthemum [菊花] - Chinese Flowers

3. Chrysanthemum [菊花]. Proud though it is the cold autumn; fragrant with the autumn dew kept. (the main producing areas are Beijing and Shanghai)

Orchid [兰花] - Chinese Flowers

4.Orchid [兰花]. Picked up you can wear; brought in it gives fragrance. (the main producing area is Guangzhou)

Chinese Rose [月季] - Chinese Flowers

5.Chinese Rose [月季]. Flowers bloom and fade without intervals; Spring comes and goes with no correlation. (the main producing areas are Beijing and Changzhou)

Azaleas [杜鹃花] - Chinese Flowers

6. Azaleas [杜鹃花]. Azaleas grows in high mountains, middle mountains, hills, and fields of an altitude of 800-4500 meters in Yunnan province. In the west part of Yunnan province—the high mountain region, the species of azaleas are abundant. In the damp high mountains, there are various kinds of evergreen azaleas, such as azaleas wardii, snow white azaleas, azaleas anthosphaerum, azaleas beesianum, and so on. The thick azaleas bush and pure forest could form a “sea of flowers” spectacle since the bush covers ten to twenty miles. The flowering phase of different kinds of azaleas depends on climate and environment. azaleas in low mountains and warm hot places bloom in February and March. Flowers in middle mountains and cool places bloom from April to June and those in high mountains and cold places bloom in July and August. Since the species of azaleas are abundant, the flowers are widely distributed, and the ecological environment is complex, the charm of azaleas is also varied.

Camellia [茶花] - Chinese Flowers

7. Camellia [茶花]: The flowering phase of camellia is long. Generally, it keeps bloom from October to May of the next year. The full-bloom period is from January to March. But some kinds of camellia flower early. Some flower late. Generally, its flowering period can last seven to eight months. The long flowering period makes camellia a fine ornamental plant and a god-given winter nectariferous plant in the warm south.

Lotus [荷花] - Chinese Flowers

8. Lotus [荷花]. Its beauty is unmatched; its fragrance is spread for whom? ( the main producing areas are Wuhan and Hangzhou)

Osmanthus [桂花] - Chinese Flowers

9. Osmanthus [桂花]. Sweet-scented osmanthus grow in the southwest part of China, Sichuan province, Yunnan province, Guangxi province, Guangdong province, Hubei province, etc. It also distributes in India, Nepal, and Cambodia. This flower keeps blooming from Mid-autumn Festival until the end of March of the next year.

Narcissus [水仙花] - Chinese Flowers

10. Narcissus [水仙花]. One of the top-ten famous flowers in China and it is the provincial flower for Fujian province and the city flower for Zhangzhou. By the time of late winter or the beginning of the year, all the flowers would wither away. But the daffodil is still smooth, fair, graceful, and fragrant. It makes people feel like spring is coming. Therefore, it is seen as a symbol of auspiciousness, happy, purity, and refinement. In the ancient time, it is one of the finest “annual sacrifices”. People usually call narcissus “a fairy walking over ripples”.

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