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Among Nine Largest Flower Seas in China

By Susan Ye

2015-10-24 00:00:00

One flower is said to be beautiful, so you think it needs to be protected. However, if it is placed in the sea of flowers, you will be shocked by its strong natural power. You know, there are 9 seas of flowers in China, coming out in the extensive land.

Lavender Sea of Flowers in Yunfeng Mountain

Yufeng Mountain is loaded 3 km away from the north of Yanluo village, Bulaotun town, Miyun county, Beijing. The scenic spot introduced lavender with same variety of French Provence and pure breed from the Britain, thus providing the sea of flower lavender with French romance for the visitors. The scenic area lays the emphasis on French and south European romance, providing lavender dining and DIY experience for visitors, so that the visitors could get relaxed in soul in Yunfeng Mountain after working under heavy pressure in daily life. At the occasion of the blossom of lavender, there will be a large area of purple flowers inside the valley and it is filled with the fragrance of lavender in the air.

Nyingchi Sea of Flowers

Nyingchi prefecture is located in a corner of southeast Tibet. With the altitude of 2900m, there are numerous mountains, an immense forest inside the border. Under the impact of the warm and humid atmosphere of Indian Ocean, this land area, nurturing kaleidoscopic universe, is rich in abundant resources, like snow saussurea growing in the high and cold zone, bananas and palms which are rich in subtropics. Thus, it becomes the most special and beautiful place in Tibet plateau. In March and April, you can see the wild peach blossom all over the mountain and plain, which are enchanting just like the rosy cloud.

Sayram Lake

The beach of Sayram Lake is rich in water and grass, thus called the superior pasture. In every winter, the elliptic lake surface seems to be wrapped with verdurous jade. In the summer, the lakeside is surrounded by immense forest, and clear water, exuberant flowers and grasses and vast grassland. There are galloping crowds of flocks and herds. The scene here is indeed just like a touching landscape painting.

Sohma Sea of Flowers

Placing in vast Sohma sea of flowers, you will get fully relaxed and feel the naturally with great fun. At the far sight of mysterious Boluo sea of clouds and listening to the roman love songs of Yi young people, it seems that you are in the wonderful fairyland on earth.

Oilseed Rape Sea of Flowers

Wuyuan, in spring, is a vast golden sea of oilseed rape flowers. It is notably famous for the Jiangling terraced-field oilseed rape flowers. There are totally four viewing decks in Jiangling, at second of which there is a small path. You could shoot oilseed rape flower terraced field and ancient village from different angles. Additionally, Moon bay and Kyongwon are also good destinations for sightseeing.

Changbai Mountain Sea of Flowers

In alpine tundra zone, there are Iceland poppies, rhododendron aureun and alpine tundra in blossom. Covered by layers of white snow, it forms unique scenery, which is also where the uniqueness of vertical landscape of featuring four seasons in one mountain and different climates out of ten miles in Changbai Mountain. The waterfall is very magnificent and spectacular! The dragon spring is pervaded with vast water mist and host transpiration. The highest degree stands at 83 ℃ and egg can be cooked after boiled in the water for 15 minutes and it is of good flavor. In summer, the western slope and gardens in high mountain are still full of beautiful flowers. It is more spectacular and mysterious in green grand canyon.

Sunflower Sea of Lowers in Shenjiaying

10-hectare urban agriculture demonstration park in Shenjiaying town, Yanqing county, Beijing, located in 500mu flower science and technology demonstration park and having over 30 kinds of sunflowers, is the favorite destination for visitors to choose in summer vocation. If you still fall in each other and express your love to her or him, then just offer a sunflower to her or him among the sunflower sea and let him or her know your love for him or her.

Shangri-La Sea of Flowers

Here, you can see rhododendron zhongdianense flower sea, azalea in blossom all over the area, primitive forest, and flower island bordering the lake. Just here, you can play in the various seas of flowers and place yourself in a wonderful land of idyllic beauty. The main scenic areas in Shangri-La include Tiger Leaping Gorge, Bita Lake, Yangtangqu, Maoniuchuan, Songzanlin Lamasery, White-water Terrace, Napa Lake, Yila Grassland, Meri Snow Mountain, etc.

Yili Lavender Sea of Flowers

Hailed as “south-China-type scenery beyond the Great Wall”, Yili is surrounded by green hills (Mount Tianshan) on three sides. Endowed with sufficient sunlight, humid climate, large temperature difference in day and night, this fertile land is of abundant products and unique resource. In summer, the lavender in countryside is in blossom in Yili. The whole Yiliriver valley turns into the world of aroma. Besides, lavender also stands for romance. The season of blossom is also the one for people’s harvest and singing. You often could see such scene: many people are harvesting lavender while singing. Young people incubate their love in this wonderful season. Those who visited lavender countryside are shocked: this is “China’s Provence”.

Have you ever been to some of them?

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