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产品名称: 紫蝴蝶兰盆栽

产品编号: 786
配送区域: Whole China mainland

- 提前2天订购。绿植均有其自然生长特性,图片仅供参考。

Kindly Reminder: this product is Not Available between 21st Jan and 15th Feb 2020.

如图: $92.99


配送方式: 快递 (EMS)
配送范围: 中国主要城市
配送日间: 3-7天.

替换政策 点击查看: 只用相似的同质同价的替换品.
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    US $189.99


Ordered and received text on the delivery day saying I sent them the wrong number. I sent the number back and they were still able to deliver it on the intended day.

- Jacky Tan

GF was satisfied with the flowers and the delivery was on point.

- J

This was my first time using ChinaFlower214. I placed the order on the morning of Mother's Day, thinking it would be too late for the flowers to be delivered on time. A few hours later, I received a photo of my mother in front of those beautiful lilies that I ordered for her. I am amazed and also very happy that my mother received my flowers on Mother's Day. Thank you.

- 徐凡

Thank you for delivering the best flowers I have ever sent My fiance was thrilled and surprised The process was easy and seamless To think I could have 50 roses delivered from 18,000km away within two days on Chinese Valentine's is amazing Thank you again

- Joseph Shepherd

Bought a flower and chocolate bouquet to surprise my bestfriend for her birthday in Dalian, China. Was so worried the delivery guy might not catch her as I opt for 830am to 12noon delivery. But around 11 plus, my bestfriend message me that she have received it. I thought they will call her to collect it downstairs but instead they deliver straight to her desk. My bestfriend was so surprised, thank you China Flower 214. Looks like this will be a yearly practice!

- Aini Mohd Yasli

Just like to thank the people at Chinaflowers for delivering their great products so quickly. The website is easy to use and the service is the best I have seen. Great work to all involved.

- Adam Doherty
我们保证花束是新鲜的花材并提供高质量服务, 如果我们不能完成配送将保证百分百全额退款.
受季节和地区因素影响, 有些时候我们可能会联系客户更换花材如当地没有花材,但如果在配送时间我们没有得到及时回复我们自主更换成同价格质量的花材以保证及时完成配送.
我们提供市区免费配送服务, 如果配送地址不在市区范围内,我们会根据地址远近收取5到20美元的配送费.
主要城市支持当天配送服务, 非节日期间您可以选择配送时段,我们尽量会在3小时内完成配送. 但在节日期间我们只保证当天送达.