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What Kind of Flowers to send on International Women's Day?

By Daisy Lee


March 8th is the festival to celebrate women’s great contribution and achievement in many areas, such as economics, politics and society. It is also in memory of more than 140 women workers who lose their lives in the fire of New York triangle factory in America in 1911. The International Women’s Day, the March Eighth, Women’s Day or The March Eighth International Women’s day is the day for women all over the word to fight for peace, equality and development. The full name is U. N. Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace. Since women in Chicago, America marched in rallies to fight for the equality of men and women in March 8th, 1909, this festival has passed more than one hundred year. Just as the women in other countries all over the world, women in China have also done great contribution and sacrifice for the national independence, freedom, revolution and contribution, even the international peace and human development.

The Women’s Day is coming, which is the festival for women. If we want to send flowers for presents to women, we need to consider the relationships between sender and receiver.

Sending flowers to lover or girlfriend, we can choose the rose, lily and sunflower.

Send Rose on Women's Day

Sending flowers to colleagues or all the women employees in the company, we’d better choose the carnation.

Send Carnation For Colleagues or All the Women Employees


Sending flowers to elders, such as mothers or grandmothers, we can choose the basket of flowers made by the carnation and lily. We’d better choose the elegant basket in bright color.

flowers to elders, such as mothers or grandmothers on women's day

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