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Call before delivery

We feel fortunate that we can assist you in creating happiness for your friend or loved ones. We will always do our best for you, unfortunately, there are some situations that are entirely out of our control. To ensure you or recipient received gifts in good condition, we may call to arrange a convenient receive time of recipient. In order ensure your giving effect, the follow options you need tell us before delivery.


Can call if necessary May call to arrange best delivery time
Can call but try to keep surprise May have to disclose details if recipient won't trust us on phone
Must call before delivery We will call to get the address and arrange delivery time
Call only if delivery problems Please make sure there is somebody at the address
NEVER Call, Absolutely NO CALL Please make sure there is somebody at the address
1. We keep the right to call recipients at peak seasons like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Christmas.
2. We will try to keep surprise if call, but not guarantee. Recipients may not trust us if we do not disclose details.
3. Please make sure there is someone at the address at your desired delivery period if you choose NO CALL.
4. If senders choose NO CALL and unfortunately nobody is at the address when we arrive, then:
    - the order can not be cancelled;
    - we are not responsible for the decreased product quality, esp cakes, fruits, or other food items;
    - will redeliver after we got contacted with the recipient at sender's expense(Appx. US$7.0 to US$20.0).

If you have any questions regarding these exceptions, please call our customer service department at 86-20-81159039 or send an email to Remember, our service satisfaction guarantee is always honored.


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