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产品名称: 爱的勇气

产品编号: 27


Kindly Reminder: cakes are Not available between 12th Feb and 20th Feb 2018.


支蜡烛 (免费)

1. 糕点师是按照图片和文字的要求来制作蛋糕的,效果基本是一致,但不同糕点师制作手工略有区别, 图片只供参考以实物为主。
2. 受当地原料因素等原因影响,当某些材料、颜色及季节性水果缺乏时,我们会以相近的替代,实际收到的蛋糕与网上图片可能存在差异。
3. 免费附送一套刀,叉,盘,蜡烛,市区免费配送。
4. 为保证蛋糕的最佳口感,请冷藏并在三天内品尝。
5. 因蛋糕为配送当天制作,请至少提前24小时订购。
6. 替换政策 点击查看: 只用相似的同质同价的替换品.

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    US $42.66
  • 爱的依赖 爱的依赖
    US $51.05
  • 水果蛋糕 水果蛋糕
    US $59.38
  • 生日蛋糕A 生日蛋糕A
    US $53.14


Delivery time was good but the quality of the roses was just terrible. They were for my girlfriends birthday and she was so hurt that I would gift her something that was in such bad shape. I will use not use this service anymore.

- Thomas McClung

How do I start this? I am in total awe of ChinaFlower214. I live in the U.S. and come to Beijing quite often for business. I ended up meeting another foreigner that works at a local company. Valentines day was literally the day before (adjusting for time zone) so I Google for flower companies in Beijing. I was quite skeptical about the options but then I ran into ChinaFlower214 and saw some glowing reviews that looked credible so I gave it a shot. The prices were a bit steep but I realized -- dude you're getting flowers sent from from the other side of the planet. I provide the address, the name, and her phone number. The address for delivery ended up being wrong! Damn you Google. So they call her, and they verify her location. THE BEST PART: They didn't spoil the surprise, they played it smoothly. The delivery gentleman confirmed and made sure the flowers arrived at the lobby of her office. She was OVER THE MOON! I cannot thank ChinaFlower214 enough for being so damn professional. I will continue to use them for all occasions. I honestly was not expecting the delivery to happen due to the wrong address but they made good on their promise. I will certainly continue to recommend this to friends in Beijing! You guys rock #truestory

- Paul P

thank you very much! i'm very happy with your serves.

- Lili

Everything was ok. Recommended service.

- Bruno Osorio
我们保证花束是新鲜的花材并提供高质量服务, 如果我们不能完成配送将保证百分百全额退款.
受季节和地区因素影响, 有些时候我们可能会联系客户更换花材如当地没有花材,但如果在配送时间我们没有得到及时回复我们自主更换成同价格质量的花材以保证及时完成配送.
我们提供市区免费配送服务, 如果配送地址不在市区范围内,我们会根据地址远近收取5到20美元的配送费.
主要城市支持当天配送服务, 非节日期间您可以选择配送时段,我们尽量会在3小时内完成配送. 但在节日期间我们只保证当天送达.