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The Six Fashion Trends of Theme Wedding in 2016

By Susan Ye

2015-12-15 00:00:00

The end of 2015 is approaching and the bell of the new year of 2016 will toll soon as well. So, those new couples who plan to get married in 2016 will inevitably pay much attention to the wedding trends of 2016.

Now it is the time for Wedding Time to show you the 6 fashion trends of theme wedding in 2016. Please take a seat and notebook and listen carefully to my introduction about those trends.

[Trend one: the green plants account for an increasing rate in the decoration of the wedding]

As a popular idiom goes, practice the low-carbon living you advocate by yourself. So, in 2016, the green plants will account for an increasing rate in the wedding decoration. Although these green plants are not as “flaming” as the traditional red decoration of the wedding, they are “full of vigor”. Besides, compared with purchasing fresh flowers, it takes much less to purchase green plants. Also, it is very easy to find green materials in our life. For example, you’ll find many unique leaves as long as you are observant. And all those leaves can in the end be changed to be amazing decorations if they are slightly decorated.     

[Trend two: few and exquisite flowers]

In the past, flowers usually accounted for a large rate on weddings and consequently, it took much to purchase those flowers. However, fewer but more exquisite flowers will be needed on weddings according to the new wedding trend in 2016. They are not very eye-catching but they are luxurious and fragrant.  

[Trend three: forest wedding]

The urban environment is suffering from a more and more severe pollution while the pressure coming from how to survive in cities is getting greater and greater. Under such circumstances, much more new couples desire to have a wedding “which have nothing to do with social worries”. And at this time, it is wise for them to choose forest weddings. 

[Trend four: fairytale wedding]

Every bride dreams herself to be a princess and naturally, every bride also wants to have a fairytale wedding which is not only “magic” but also shining. Dressed in graceful lace wedding dress and riding on a fairytale swing, she imagines herself to be a princess admired by thousands of people by walking on the antependium-and-flower-arched pavement.      

[Trend five: the baby blue wedding color]


People’s favorite wedding color is always blue. And in the coming year, the baby blue will, to a great extent, become popular again. Besides, the baby blue will never miss any chance, e.g. to be used in gowns of the bridesmaids, bouquets and decorations of dresses of the groomsmen etc., to show its beauty.

[Trend six: veil lace + bright colors]

I bet that, you’ll be enchanted by the details and bright colors of the veil wedding dress and bridesmaid’s dress. And in the next year, both the veil wedding dresses and bright colors will turn to be the fashion trend.

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