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White Valentine’s Day (A Kind of Valentine’s Day)

By Susan Ye

2014-02-23 00:00:00

What is White Valentine’s Day?

Generally speaking, White Valentine's Day is the continuation of Valentine's Day. It has started from the 3rd century in Rome. The Empire of Rome set the Valentine’s Day in memory of saving the lives of the lover who was going to be killed because of breaking the ban of marriage on February 14th. The lover swore to keep their promise until their death one month later. That is March 14th. After that, White Valentine’s Day spread to other countries of the world.

Later people distinguished these two festivals from each other, setting March 14th as the “White Valentine's Day”.

White symbolizes purity and is full of wisdom in European countries, just like the young girl. Western people wear white wedding dress, which is one of the origins of “White Valentine’s Day”. With the spreading and development of White Valentine's Day, white even becomes the symbol of the hope, happiness and the blessing for lovers.

It is widely believed that this festival was accepted and promoted in Japan at the first time. Other Asian countries follow the example of Japan because of its strong cultural soft power. Then White Valentine’s day becomes the other Valentine's Day by young lovers, which doesn’t have accurate records in the history.

What kind of flowers to send to your girlfriend on White Valentine's Day?

Flowers and chocolates are necessary presents in the tradition of Valentine's Day. In fact, girls should give presents to boys on White Valentine’s day. But will you tell your girlfriend or wife the truth? Will you speak confidently the words of asking for presents from your girlfriend or wife? Since you can’t, you should send presents to your girlfriend obediently.

There is no special rule on what kind of flowers to send. You can send roses, lilies, tulips and calla lilies, even chocolates and other presents, while sending flowers is the simplest one, which symbolize romantic and can make your girlfriend happy. To office workers, work has taken up most of the time and energy. They really don’t want to take trouble to choose presents for White Valentine’s Day. So they will choose flowers on White Valentine's Day.

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